Tarp is the abbreviation of tarpaulin, a durable and malleable fabric, perfect for creating a haven for yourself or your belongings. Most tarps are waterproof or waterproof, making them ideal fabrics for temporary tents or durable bags. The main classification system for different types of tarps is the material profile or performance category. When designing and manufacturing durable suitcases, durable tarpaulin is one of our recommended fabric choices because it is durable, versatile and easy to clean.

The material profile describes what other fabrics the tarp is made of. There are three main types of tarps:

Polyethylene is the most common plastic in the world and is used to make "poly tarpaulins". Polytarp-which in turn is the most common type of tarp for consumers-is usually a web woven sheet between two polyethylene sheets. The popularity of this type of tarp stems from the myriad choices of color, size and thickness. The thickness of Polytarp is measured in mils (1/1000 inch) and can be changed by the number of polyethylene reinforcements added in the production. Polytarp is disposable, but can be reused.

The canvas tarpaulin is designed to be reusable, waterproof, mildew proof and flame retardant. One of the most daily uses of canvas tarps is to cover indoor or outdoor furniture or carpets during painting or construction. Canvas tarps are heavy enough to be fixed in place and smoother than polyethylene tarps, thereby reducing slippage and movement. Canvas tarps are ideal for building awnings, which can withstand sunlight, rain and wind. Although the canvas tarp is waterproof, it is not waterproof. If a lot of water accumulates on the tarp, it may leak.

Vinyl tarpaulin has industrial strength and heavy duty. Vinyl is the second most used plastic in the world after polyethylene. These tarps are used for long-term protection against wind, water, tearing, and extreme hot or cold temperatures. Vinyl tarps are made of natural materials, making them very affordable and recyclable while maintaining durability standards that cannot be achieved with canvas or polyethylene tarps. Vinyl tarpaulin is an ideal material for suitcases that will be used outdoors because it is durable and can be cleaned very easily.

Another major tarp classification system is the performance category, which is identified by the universal color system, which also helps to determine the thickness of the tarp. Unfortunately, not all tarpaulin manufacturers use this color-coded measurement method, so it is beneficial to understand the digital measurement system.

Blue is a lightweight waterproof cloth with a thickness of about 5-6 mils (about 0.14 mm).
Yellow or orange is a medium-sized tarp with a thickness of about 7-8 mils (about 0.19 mm).
Green is also a medium-sized tarp with a thickness of about 9-10 mils (about 0.24 mm).
Silver is a heavy-duty tarp with a thickness of approximately 11-12 mils (approximately 0.29 mm).
Brown is a super heavy-duty tarp, about 16 mils (about 0.41 mm) thick.
Due to its durability and versatility, tarps are ideal fabrics for heavy-duty projects.
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