There is no doubt that going viral will help a book sell copies, but the internet doesn't bestow that advantage or every title. As a result, a strong book marketing campaign that begins with a well-crafted press release is essential. It must include the relevant details like the ISBN number for books and a newsworthy angle (or angles) that spark interest. If you're an author self-publishing a book and planning to write your own press release, you need to plan and think it through. A quick or thrown-together effort will be apparent to all and will put your book launch at a competitive disadvantage.

It might sound obvious, but give the headline plenty of attention. It needs to be just as attention-grabbing as the headline on a story carried in the media. Ideally, you want to headline to be the idea you'd most like to get across in future coverage of your book. For example, if you've written a non-fiction book that solves a problem or goes against conventional wisdom, captures its essence in your headline. The subtitle of your book is often the most important place to explain what it's about, and the press release headline may be quite close to the subtitle. You need to catch people's attention quickly.

The most influential book launch press releases need to be of interest to the media members who will receive them and the audiences for their stories or interviews. The easier you make it for them to make your book interesting to their audience, the better chance you'll have of being covered. You might also have several versions of your press release and match certain ones with the people receiving it. Many book PR pros advise including three or four bullet points with pithy information or facts in the top section. They support the headline in catching attention and drawing people in.

Hopefully, you've also put considerable time and effort into your book cover, and it captures the essence of your work. If yes, include it in the press release. Visual elements always help attract reader interest, and you want your press release to be appropriately exciting. Even if you're only publishing as an eBook, including the cover is still important. It's also an excellent idea to include the price for your book, places where people can buy copies, and other pertinent information. Some media may have parameters for the books they cover, and when you include well-formatted information with details, it can help.