We need to clear away the conduction oil which is in the system. And check out if the circulation line is unimpeded. We must make sure the system of fully automatic heat transfer printing machine is unblocked.

Add the hot oil rolling cleaning agent to the container, open the circulating pump, do not raise the temperature, make it at the room temperature. And then switch the valve of system to make every fitting of system can be cleaned. By the way, I suggest switching the valve for every hour. The hole time for clean is 4 hours, but if the oil layer is with a big thickness, you maybe need to raise the clean time to make sure clean it away. Take off the circulation line to clean it and check it out. If there has engine oil pollution, please make the time of clean longer until all the fittings are clean, then go to next step.

Please discharge the cleaner and engine oil of the system to the container of cleaner. Maybe you can do air blowing for it. Just use the air compressor to air blowing to make the residual liquid in the system out. And if you can use tool to do air blowing, you can make it natural drying.

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