If you are concerned about collisions, choose iron padlock with many safety pins. The more safety pins you lock, the better you can prevent collisions. It is not uncommon for the lock to have only five or six safety pins. Unfortunately, a motivated thief can use the crash key to knock these locks easily and quickly. However, the commando lock is designed with a total of 10 safety pins to provide maximum protection against collisions and prying.

Choose a lock with a custom-shaped pin
In addition to the number of pins used in the pin lock, the shape of the pin also affects its sensitivity to collisions. Pins with traditional basic shapes are relatively easy to collide. On the other hand, those products designed with custom shapes will give the wrong impression that the pins are aligned correctly when they are not.

To prevent collisions, you need to choose a long shackle padlock with many safety pins-and these safety pins need to have a custom shape. These two functions alone can protect your property from theft.