Fill the tub with enough cool water to completely submerge the tent body and rainfly.
Add a small amount of soap. The tent’s size and the type of dirt will dictate how much.
Agitate the water by hand. Turn the canopy/mesh inside out to remove dirt from pockets, gear lofts and corners.
Knead the tents for events, pushing down and swishing it around for about 5 minutes to ensure water reaches the nooks and crannies.
Let the tent soak for 20 minutes, then repeat the agitation cycle. 
Lift the tent and fly from the tub and observe the water. If the water’s brown, drain it, squeeze the water out of tent—do not twist it out—refill the tub and repeat the process. 
When washing is done, fill the tub with clean water and rinse the tent and fly in the same manner. 
Hang the clean tent over the shower rod, drape it over a clothes drying rack, or lay it on a clean surface. Avoid sharp corners and edges. Do not hang the tent by its corners because this puts stress on the fabric.
Ensure the fabric is “bone dry” before storing it away. “I personally leave my tent hanging and flip it inside out and over for at least five days,” Andy says.

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