Float Pontoon Factory introduced that the boxing sandbags contain sawdust, shavings, sand, rags, old clothes, silk floss, wheat, corn and beans, etc. Some are hollow. The solid sandbags are filled with sand. Put it in the middle, and add some rags and old clothes next to it, so there is room for buffering.

Sandbag jackets are generally made of leather or artificial leather. The inside is nylon cloth or canvas. There is a bladder bag with a height of 10 cm and a thickness of 30 cm in the middle. It can be fitted with some soft silk or cloth, so as to prevent silk and silk. The broken old city pieces are deposited on the bottom of the sandbag, making the sandbag full.

Boxing learning requires slow practice skills. The first thing to master is explosive power. When practicing, you need to focus on explosive power training. You can practice fast squats, as well as dumbbell uppercuts, dumbbell swings, and dumbbell flat hooks.

Boxing training also needs to master the sense of rhythm. Good boxers have their own rhythm. They can train skipping rope, changing one foot, feet, abdomen with both feet, double shaking, and raising the leg with one foot, all of which can enhance the sense of rhythm.

The pace of boxing is also very important. Boxing needs to match the pace to punch. You can train through the agility ladder. You can train endurance by jogging for 5 kilometers a day.

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