Electric curtain motors need to meet two control modes: manual and electric control. It is suitable for all kinds of electric curtains, such as electric opening and closing curtains, curtains, etc. Straight rail, curved rail, and other window types. The electric curtain motor is a controlled product, and the hand-automatic electric curtain host product is suitable for curtains and curtains that are straight and left and right. Below, Tubular Motor Manufacturer introduces the characteristics of electric curtain motors:

1. It is safe to use, low heat, and can work continuously.
2. Easy to install, built-in control and receiving system.
3. High-precision electronic positioning stroke control, accurate and stable.
4. Choose high-quality components and fully sealed lubrication design, stable and durable, and long service life.
5. It has the function of electric memory protection.
6. Using the wireless remote control, strong anti-interference, single control, or dual control.

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