This approach should help relieve the problem in which Diablo was successively feeling less and less of a hazard when maximum level characters needed to Diablo Gold battle with him. On the other hand it unclear what this means for the monetization facet. Will players be made to pay for each new incident? Hopefully Blizzard finds a way to keep all expansions free, or at least price each new installment.

While the"Diablo 4" release date hasn't yet been formally revealed, attention on the upcoming name has picked up after its preview came out lately. However, Blizzard isn't done teasing players just yet and art directors hinted that characters aside from the demon Lilith are coming into the franchise. It reveals four adventurers as they battle while to various monsters in their way to that which they thought was a treasure-filled tomb.

But unknown to the treasure seekers, it was not. They turned into the sacrifices that were necessary to summon the demon called Lilith. This means that gamers will probably face the demon instead of Diablo this time around. ''``We felt that we've fought Diablo before, and Diablo always comes back -- so, it was a case of, what additional bullets do we now have on the table just lying around," Game Director Luis Barriga told Ausgamer based on a report by Wccftech.

But the game manager also hinted that"Diablo 4" might introduce new characters other than Lilith. They might be recognizable to some gamers as they'll be loosely based on names found in creation stories. "After we saw the art we were inspired, [Lilith] was a character that we could build a narrative around," Barriga said. There is a rich backstory found in books and lore novels, so we decided to look closer at the creation myth."Last week, lead systems programmer David Kim addressed some of that feedback in regards to itemisation, also in his latest blog post that he details the results of it, which includes new stats and a replacement for Historical items." [W]e agree that incorporating depth and customisation to a personality through itemisation is remarkably valuable and relevant to the sport," he writes. "This has been the most-discussed topic since we revealed Diablo 4. To be clear--we believe Diablo 4 itemisation should be deep and rewarding and that is one of our highest priorities."