Sealed 12v Battery has many uses in today's world, from motorcycles, ATVs, home alarm systems, toys, backup systems, fitness equipment, generators, and so on. These batteries come in various shapes, voltages, amperages, and sizes.

  Do I have to use the same battery manufacturer?

  No, as long as the voltage and size match your original battery, you can use other brands. The difference in capacity (Ah) should not damage your device. Check your system manual to understand the minimum and maximum power requirements.

  Can I choose a Sealed 12v Battery of different capacities?

  You can choose batteries of different capacities, as long as they are within the same range. For example, if your current battery is 4Ah, you can choose a battery with a rating of 4.5Ah or 5Ah. The battery capacity may change as the capacity increases. Always match your current voltage and size to the alternative you choose.

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