Nowadays, China lead die casting is used more and more in the world. Today we will take a look at its functional structure design.

The functional structural design of die castings is the core of the structural design of die castings. It determines the size, wall thickness, and shape required to realize the function of die castings, and checks the deformation and deformation of die castings during static load or dynamic load use. The changing state of fatigue, wear, etc., to meet the safety of its use.

Designing the functional structure of die-casting parts requires not only the quality and technical ability of mechanical structure design and machining, but also comprehensive basic knowledge of die-casting alloy, die-casting molding process, and die-casting mold design to make the design The functional structure of the die casting can meet the various technical requirements specified by the die casting and the functions and performance within the service life, and it is reliable, safe and economical.

The functional structure design of die castings is very important, so China zinc die casting manufacturer attaches great importance to the design.