I understand Legion is one of those expansions people love but holy shit do people forget that it had nearly all the issues BfA had, it just concealed everything by throwing electricity in WOW Classic TBC Gold the participant and ended at a halfway good condition. It even had the same class issues, Warlocks were terrible until 7.3.5. It's actually the only expansion that made me hang up my Warlock and that I mained demonstration in WoD. I honestly don't understand what Blizzard is thinking with class balance these days but every single expansion seems to have something severely broken class-wise which takes no less than a year to repair.

Where did I say classic has been the savior of this MMO gaming. There is a stark difference in how classic keeps you playing retail. The idea being retail is way of keep you playing is based from metrics collected by Blizzard and dictated by Blizzard and their higher ups at which Classic's way of keep you playing is simply bread crumbs where you actually progress towards jobs. Ill take classic's way of farming shit knowing I'll eventually get it on my weekend off versus Retails"come back in 3 weeks right before your sub expires to get the next story piece."

It's hard to go against the Legion circlejerk however legendarys, AP, and titanforging would be the worst thing to ever occur to WoW. They have been met with enormous positive feedback on 3 of buy WOW TBC Gold the oddest systems ever put in the match.