China Motorcycle Chain Manufacturer introduces the role of gears:

  1. The role of Shenyang gear is primarily to complete the transmission of motion and power between the two shafts that are far apart: In gear transmission, when the distance between the driving shaft and the driven shaft is far apart, if only a pair of gears are used for transmission, the scale of the gear is bound to be very big. It not only increases the structural scale and weight of the machine but also wastes materials and is inconvenient to manufacture and install.

If a gear train composed of two pairs of gears is used for transmission, the scale of the gears can be much smaller, and the production and installation are more convenient.

  1. To complete the split transmission: the gear train can make a driving shaft drive many driving shafts to roll together to obtain various speeds. Complete the variable speed rolling of the gear.
  2. Achieve a larger transmission ratio: a large transmission ratio can be obtained by selecting a fixed-shaft gear train or a planetary gear train. If a fixed-axis gear train is used to obtain a large transmission ratio, a multi-stage gear transmission is required, resulting in a complicated and large transmission device structure. With planetary gear trains, only a few gears are needed to achieve a large transmission ratio. Because the planetary gear train uses multiple planetary gears to share the load, and often uses internal meshing transmission, the space in the middle of the internal gear is reasonably used, and the input shaft and output shaft are on the same axis, which not only makes the load-carrying capacity of the planetary reducer greatly increased. Improved, and the radial dimension is very compact. In the case of the same power and transmission ratio, the volume and weight of the planetary reducer are only 1/2 to 1/3 of the fixed-axis gear reducer.
  3. The composition of the completed motion: a differential planetary gear train with two degrees is used in the machine to complete the composition of the motion. This is the common function of the planetary gear system. Motion composition: The differential gear train has two degrees, and the motion of the third fundamental member can be determined only after the motion of any two of the three fundamental members is given. That is to say, the movement of the third fundamental component is a composition of the movement of the other two fundamental components.

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