China Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers introduce how to purchase stainless steel kitchen sinks.

1. The width of the sink is determined according to the width of the countertop of the kitchen cabinet. Generally, the width of the sink should be about 10cm less than the countertop of the kitchen cabinet. At the same time, according to the characteristic that the countertop size of domestic kitchen cabinets is 50 cm-60 cm, it can be concluded that the reasonable width of kitchen stainless steel sink is 43 cm-48 cm.

2. The material thickness is moderate, preferably 0.8 mm-1.0 mm. Too thin affects the service life and strength of the sink, and too thick loses its strength and easily damages the washed tableware.

3. Material; It is divided into five types: stainless steel kitchen sink, acrylic kitchen sink, artificial stone kitchen basin, ceramic kitchen basin and cast iron. Stainless steel is a good material for kitchen sink, which is light, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, not easy to age, corrosion, oil absorption, water absorption, dirt hiding and peculiar smell, which is unmatched by other materials. As for the main raw material steel plate, the best steel plate is AIS304 steel plate, and there are different models such as 403 and 302, and the prices are also very different. The quality and price of steel plate directly affect the quality and price of finished water tank.

4. Manufacturing and molding process; In terms of manufacturing technology, there are two most common welding and one-time forming at present, one is the circumferential welding of basin and panel, which has the advantage of beautiful appearance, difficult to find the joint after strict treatment, and the surface of the sink is straight and smooth, but the disadvantage is that some consumers doubt its firmness. The other is the butt welding of two single basin pairs. Its advantage is that the basin and panel industry are integrally stretched and formed, which is firm and durable. Its disadvantage is that the welding marks are easy to see and the flatness is slightly poor. One-step molding is an advanced manufacturing process which is also popular with consumers at present, but the manufacturing process is difficult, and the overall thickness of the molded water tank is uneven and relatively thin. It doesn't mean that the thicker the material, the better. The thicker the sink is too heavy, which will easily deform the cabinet and hurt the tableware. 0.8-1.0mm is good, with a long service life, and the utensils will also be secured.

5. Surface treatment; It is oil-free, easy to clean and wear-resistant. There are several main types, such as surface (bright), matte (matte), matte, coarse, and pearl silver (sandblasting). Nowadays, most of the products on the market are mainly matte (matte). Its characteristics are non-oil-absorbing, easy to clean and handle, and smooth hand feeling.

6. Depth; According to our Chinese habits, tableware and even cooking utensils are relatively large and thick, so the kitchen stainless steel sink which is more suitable for domestic use is more than 180mm in height, and its advantages are large capacity and splash resistance.

7. Surface flatness; It is the most intuitive standard to test the quality and grade of kitchen stainless steel sink. Keep the line of sight consistent with the sink plane. The edge of kitchen stainless steel sink should not be convex or warped, with a small error of 0.1 mm. Poor flatness not only affects the appearance, but also easily causes the phenomenon of water accumulation and fouling.

8. Accessories: 1. The quality of the sewer and sewer pipe directly affects the use of stainless steel sink in the kitchen. The better sewer pipe material should be PP or UPVC, which has high sealing degree, elasticity, heat resistance, crack resistance, long service life, reasonable shape design, odor resistance, anti-odor design, easy installation, no blockage, water seepage and other phenomena. 2. The water outlet is provided with steel ball positioning, extrusion sealing and table-type controlled water removal, which has strong sealing property, is convenient to store water quickly, can automatically filter impurities, avoids blocking the water outlet pipe, and uses high-quality rubber and is not easy to wear. 3. Fasten the seal; Secure with multiple self-tapping screws to ensure sealing and safe and quick operation.

Through the above introduction,Handmade Sink Manufacturers  hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.