The PVC bathroom cabinet adopts high-density double-skinning process PVC sheet, which has strong waterproof performance and high hardness. Adopt branded hinges and painted rails. Scratch-resistant, high-density, durable. Various styles and novel designs.

PVC sheet is a chemical sheet, the material is very soft, so the weight of the pvc bathroom cabinet bath is very small and easy to move. The bathroom cabinet made of this chemical material does not absorb water, nor does it swell or deform like wood. However, its formaldehyde content is very high and it is a material with relatively heavy pollution. Moreover, pvc bathroom cabinets have poor resilience, easy to fade, and cannot withstand high temperatures.

Advantages of PVC bathroom cabinets:

1. PVC is a relatively cost-effective bathroom cabinet material. The bathroom cabinet made is exquisite, but the price is much cheaper than other solid wood bathroom cabinets.

2. The PVC bath cabinet has strong waterproof performance, high hardness, and has advantages in practicability and service life.

3. The PVC bath cabinet is also scratch-resistant, high-density, easy to process, and novel and unique in style design.

4. PVC bathroom cabinet has strong environmental protection performance. PVC is an efficient recycled material, and PVC bathroom cabinet and bathroom cabinet are the same.

Disadvantages of PVC bathroom cabinets:

1. Poor crash resistance. PVC bathroom cabinets are relatively fragile and have average anti-collision ability. The hinge joints will easily fall off after a long time. If the manufacturer is of average level, the brighter the color, the more likely it is to pollute.

2. Easy to turn yellow. PVC is the chemical name, called polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride has excellent acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, combustion resistance and insulation properties. However, the stability to light and heat is poor. When the temperature is above 100°C or light, it will separate out hydrogen chloride, causing the color to turn yellow.

3. The PVC bath cabinet is easy to peel under the effect of long-term water vapor.

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