In recent years, China modular house has developed rapidly due to its green, environment-friendly, resource-saving, time-saving, labor-saving, safe and reliable features, and has received strong support from governments at all levels.

Promoting prefabricated buildings in rural areas can bring many benefits. Prefabricated buildings are safer and more reliable, which can avoid some potential safety hazards and accidents in the construction of private houses.

For example, the unified use of prefabricated buildings in the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas can avoid the phenomena of misappropriation of funds and demolition of households in the renovation of dilapidated buildings, and reduce the economic pressure of poor households.

However, if prefabricated buildings are promoted in rural demolition and resettlement, the characteristics of short construction period, strong stability, good anti-seismic ability, namely, installation and residence, etc. can be utilized to effectively reduce the occurrence of contradictions and disputes and problems left over from history.

In addition, prefabricated buildings have various forms, rich and flexible features, which enable them to find the overall style that fits the region in the construction of global tourism, facilitate the formation of characteristic scenery, and are suitable for use as public buildings for rural tourist attractions.

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