Water pontoons are an important element for building water platforms. For water piers, water pontoons, and water houses, the existence of water pontoons is very important. Water pontoons can not only quickly build water platforms, but also reduce water platforms. The cost of construction. under. China Floating Dock Factory introduces the reasons for the price of floating floats:
1. Material: The performance of floating pontoons made of different materials has subtle differences. Using floating pontoons of different materials to make pontoons, the gap in performance and quality will be very obvious. The floating pontoon made of high-quality materials not only has a long service life, but also has a very good quality. The high-molecular polyethylene material is used for one-time molding.

2. Performance: The range of use of floating floats is very wide. Therefore, when CAVIC Guangzhou produces the floats, it will determine the performance of the floats according to the actual use environment of the floats. High-quality pontoons are more expensive than ordinary ones.

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