Gone are the days when one had to go from one realtor’s office to another to find out about the property listings for buying, selling, or renting properties. The last decade has seen revolutionary changes in the real estate market as many new laws in favor of realtors and property buyers have been implemented. 

In India, the implementation of the RERA Act is one such revolutionary change. Besides this, the major shift of the real estate industry to online portals has stirred a new digital wave that can’t be ignored. Not only do purchasers find it easily accessible, but a real estate website or app is also beneficial to a realtor as well. 

Going the traditional way of dealing with properties, realtors had a ton of things to do - 

  • Create property listings manually.
  • Handling huge customer data.
  • Demanded more time investment. 
  • More work overhead, etc. 

Evidently, it needed more effort for a realtor to do their business without a real estate website or app in the picture. Mobile app development or real estate website development may help realtors with innovative ways to improve the efficiency of their real estate business. 

If you are wondering how these real estate apps and websites can help ease a realtor’s life, here’s all you would need to look at. And if you are convinced, you might even look for web development services to build a suitable real estate portal for you too. 

Ways A Real Estate Portal Help Realtors 

1. Easy handling of customer database 

A huge customer database is a must-have for real estate businesses and it’s not subjective to a specified location. However, this can be a lot to collect and handle if you are doing it manually with all the hard copies. A real estate website or an app for that matter makes the job easier quadruple times if not more. You can have access to the massive online database containing information of customers that makes the communication between property owners, sellers, and brokers much easier. 

2. Verified property listings 

When you are developing a real estate app or website, you obviously wouldn’t want to limit your platform with a few listings. You may want to allow multiple sign-in options as sellers, brokers, buyers, or people looking to rent a property, and so on. While your site accepts listings from anyone and everyone, your platform is also responsible to protect the buyers and sellers involved. 

This is easier when you have a real estate app or website for your business. You can only approve the verified listings and protect your portal’s dignity and make it a secure marketplace for realtors. 

3. Location-based services 

Today, more people migrate to cities or move out of their hometown to find a suitable job for themselves and are constantly in need of either getting a property on rent or purchasing one. If your real estate website or app offers location-based listings or services, that could be a real dealbreaker for your business. One can look up a property on the portal for their preferred location and then proceed as needed. When you avail of web development services, you only have to ensure that the map is well integrated to your portal and everyone can search properties based on location too. 

4. Centralized operation 

When you develop a real estate website or mobile application, you have a portal using which you can 

  • Add your own property listings, 
  • Moderate property listings added by others. 
  • Communicate with buyers and sellers through a common portal, etc. 

With a centralized system, you can manage your entire real estate business from one place irrespective of your physical location. It can be time-saving and may help you reduce your cost of operation to some extent. 

Moreover, you can do the same jobs more easily with the implication of technologies like AI in your real estate app or website. Your customers can raise a concern or ask a query and get instant answers from AI-powered chatbots. 

Subsequently, in these changing times, mobile apps have become a necessity for businesses irrespective of the area you serve in. A real estate portal is no different as it makes a realtor’s life much easier and the process more efficient. 

Many prefer hiring nothing but the best web development services for this so they can build a robust and powerful real estate portal. If you are also willing to create one such portal, Auxesis Infotech might help you out. It offers exceptional web development services with the years of experience they have in developing real estate portals.