Buying a used car has its science, and it is better to be very well advised. It is not good to buy a vehicle anywhere if you buy a used car that is certified. A certified pre-owned has its advantages over any other pre-owned.

Next, we will know what is certified used, its advantages and where we can find them.

Certified Used

A certified used vehicle has been reviewed and inspected under a series of brand standards, which guarantees that the car is in good technical and mechanical condition. Also, within the certification, it is checked that the documentation and papers (SOAT, property card, taxes, etc.) are up to date, without limitations to the property, liens or pending with the justice, something difficult to establish in another type of used vehicles or private sellers.


Some of the cars may still have some remaining time of the factory warranty. Still, some programs extend the existing warranty when buying a certified vehicle, giving greater coverage for a more extended period. The guarantee is a great advantage when acquiring an accredited car, but it is the most significant benefit that vehicles of this type have.

The details of each warranty may change depending on the car's make, and some take as the starting day, the date of the first service and others the day the vehicle was originally sold. You can get the best dealer by searching the used car dealers near me.

Either way, this represents an advantage over any other users. Only the brand can grant this benefit.


Each certified car program reviews the car at an average of 150 different points, although some brands review up to more than three hundred.

This intends to find both significant and minor faults and, if they are located, repair them. The brands generally also carry out any type of repair with original parts, unlike any used car that may be using generic parts and even some imperfect quality copies.


In some cases, roadside assistance is also included in the purchase of a certified car.

Although it is not always applicable, the brands that offer this assistance have towing service, rented car reimbursement, and other benefits if the certified car becomes faulty.

Immediate delivery

Time is valuable, and many seek to solve their mobility problem as soon as possible. Having the car delivered immediately saves time and money for whoever is making the purchase. In the purchase of new vehicles, the vehicle's availability can collide, either by importation, the selected colour, the selected version or the registration, enlistment and delivery procedures. 

In certified used vehicles, you have the advantage of being able to mobilize the car. At the same time, the transfer procedures are carried out, which can also offer you the service of these and the delivery of the papers.

Finally, saving time is also essential, since it is not the same to go from seller to seller inspecting the car and analyzing the person at the same time, trying to build a relationship of trust with whoever is negotiating than going directly to the agency with the guarantee of a certified used.