The US Federal employment laws are the basis of the PHR and SPHR exams. You should not answer a question that asks about Federal or State laws. Federal laws are the best. You will be tested in all areas of Human Resources, including 401ks and The Great Labor Uprising. Preparing for the exam can make you feel like you're back in high school. This is because you have to be familiar with the history of labor law in the United States. It is crucial to the HR process that employees are attracted, maintained and appraised. A job description is essential to attract qualified candidates. High turnover could be due to poor job descriptions or incompatibility of the components. The job should have a clear set of responsibilities, and a consistent sense of purpose. You should ensure that "miscellaneous" responsibilities do not include tasks that qualified candidates would find unpleasant. Are you looking Human Resource Management System visit digitlabs

Appraisal pay systems are designed to reward people with bonuses or increases based on their merit. People will not give their best effort if they don't get rewarded. Money motivates better performance. Research has not shown that incentives can motivate people to perform better. Research shows that pay incentives are not effective in motivating people to perform better in short-term tasks. You can still use merit pay programs based on individual contributions without performing appraisals. There are two main methods. The first is the negative-merit approach, in which managers withhold raises for employees who have been subjected to formal discipline for unacceptable or unsatisfactory performance.

Second, merit pay is only awarded to those who are truly exceptional.

Innovative Ways of Thinking

Without performance appraisals, an organization must adapt to new realities without old myths or assumptions.Here you go For the Human Resource Management System software

Prior assumption: Money motivates people. New assumption: Money motivates people not to make improvements but to get more money. The motivational power of money is temporary and pay increases must be increased continuously to have an impact.

Prior assumption: Individual performance can be objectively assessed. New assumption: An objective evaluation of an individual's performance is impossible without considering the context in which they work. The company cannot identify the most and least productive workers from a particular group.

Prior assumption: Improving performance of employees improves performance. New assumption: Increasing the efficiency of systems and processes can improve the performance of an organization.

Prior assumption: Internal competition improves performance. New assumption: Internal collaboration improves performance.

Prior assumption: People are naturally lazy and cannot be trusted. New assumption: People are honest and want to be trusted. Prior assumption: Leaders are taken at face value. New assumption: Leaders are interpreted by people who observe their behavior.

Common Mistakes in Designing Alternatives Organizations often make the following seven errors when designing alternative appraisals: Instead of decoupling functions, alternative designs are created with multiple purposes. The design process starts with no clear goal. The design does not make clear predictions and theories. The design does not make the underlying assumptions clear. Alternative options include a mandated feedback process that must be completed once per year for all employees. This promotes dependence and sends the wrong message, even without rating or pay linkage. While the alternative may be the latest fad with a different name it is actually just another form appraisal that perpetuates the same assumptions. This alternative is not compatible with organizational development systems.for more info visit digitlabs