The towering skyscrapers, the jam-packed streets, the lights, the glitter, and the notable food, it’s all of this and extra that makes Hong Kong a much-loved destination for all. Hong Kong has, however is now not restricted to, some of the most lovely avenues for sightseeing in the world, owing to its wonderful history. And the visitor locations in Hong Kong are a genuine reflection of the tradition and records of the destination.

2 Best Places To Visit In Hong Kong:


Great efforts have been made in collecting, conserving, processing, analyzing and exhibiting cultural objects which are associated to the archaeology, history, cultural and herbal records of Hong Kong and South China. Visit United Airlines Reservations to get cheap flight tickets and extra offers on vacation packages to Hong Kong.

The everlasting exhibition showcases 6,000 years of Hong Kong's lengthy history. It occupies an region of 7,000 rectangular metres.   Exhibitions are additionally held from time to time primarily based on a variety of and fascinating themes.


A totally fledged entertainment and instructional theme park, entire with the celebrated Dragon curler coaster, Abyss Turbo Drop and different stomach-turning rides. It is additionally some thing of a marine park, with a Pacific Pier housing seals and sea lions, day by day dolphin and killer-whale shows, and a number aquariums.

The park is in two sections. The entrance is on the lowland side, the place there are gardens and the Giant Panda Habitat which is domestic to An An and Jia Jia.  It is linked to the foremost area on the headland, the place most of the points of interest are found, via a scenic cable car. The headlands area affords a lovely view of the South China Sea and at the rear entrance, a colossal escalator will deliver you down to Tai Shue Wan and Shum Wan Rd.