Spring is coming and we are ready to welcome warm weather. Now is a perfect time to think about incorporating activities into your program that relate to gardening, nature, and of course, birdhouses.

  Benefits of Including Nature in Your Program

  Observing nature has proven benefits to the mind and body. There are a growing number of studies that suggest bird watching and creating outdoor habitats for wooden crafts for kids wholesale can increase morale and reduce stress. Spending time outdoors is also important for today’s youth with the increased use of digital technology and video games. By planning some nature activities along with building and decorating birdhouses, both kids and adults can learn more about the importance of birds in our ecosystem, their unique features.

  Use a variety of decorative and functional wooden birdhouses, bird feeders and butterfly houses for your group to create and decorate. In addition to the benefits of a group craft activity, these projects can help to create a home for birds and butterflies in a garden, along a walk way, and in the trees.

  Educational Tips

  To create a lasting activity after the projects below have been created, here are a couple suggestions for you:

  Create a “observation area” inside by a sunny window.

  Add a shared notebook and pen to the observation area so everyone can note what they see at a birdfeeder, bird house or butterfly house. Include some starter questions in the notebook like “what time of day was this seen, or what was the weather like while you were observing?”

  Take it one step further to include Bird and butterfly identification books and a set of binoculars.

  Besides the inside observers, create an outside maintenance group who refill feeders and check the bird houses.

  A simple digital camera would offer either group a great way to capture photos to share in a group activity.

  Below are just several of the craft projects we have to help you and your group:

  Birdhouse Crafts & Activities

  Decorative Birdhouses

  Do you have a senior group that gardens together, or students who would like to create a gift for someone special for Mother’s Day? Our decorative birdhouses are the perfect garden accent! Our wooden birdhouses kit comes complete with 24 birdhouses, acrylic and watercolor paints and brushes. There are 3 different designs for your group to choose from. Paint detailed designs or a pretty watercolor wash on the birdhouses and let dry. Finished by coating them with your own outdoor sealer and these sweet houses are ready to decorate any garden space, large planter or even use them in fairy gardens!

  Build Your Own Birdhouses & Bird Feeders

  For a group that would like to build their own small birdhouses, this pack of 12 birdhouses comes unassembled and unfinished. All the wood is pre-cut for easy assembly. You will need to supply wood glue, decorating supplies, and outdoor sealer. Once assembled, these can be decorated, sealed and hung in trees for small birds.

  We also have a larger birdhouse option for those who would prefer a bigger project. Similar to the smaller version, the wood is pre-cut for easy assembly and you will need to supply the same items.

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