Human beings have done wonders with the progress of technology within the last century. Technology has placed spectacular tools and resources in our hands to create convenient lives. New findings, including web development in the technical field, are so frequent that it's become laborious for several to catch up with the pace of inventions.

As fascinating as these technical wonders appear today, the stories behind them are even a lot more interesting. Here are seven less-known facts about the technology everyone should know.

1. QWERTY Keyboard: Aimed To Slow Down The Writing Speed

Individuals boast regarding their writing speed on a character printer or keyboard. It's even a competitive advantage for a few jobs to possess quicker and correct typing skills.

The initial versions of the qwerty keyboard created within the decade had few technical issues. The metal arms that hold the characters want to clash and jam if the keys were ironed in speedy succession or if an employee pressed the adjacent keys simultaneously. However, the keyboard was designed by E. Remington and Sons, which has solved the problem of jam-packed sort bars.

2. It’s still attainable to go to the world’s first webpage

The initial web page went dormant in 1991 and ran on a NeXT pc at CERN — the EU Organization for Nuclear Research. This web page was entirely dedicated to informing the general public regarding the planet Wide Web. Today, it is primarily a historical archive. You can still check this website to understand its website design and structure.

3. Email Predated The Planet Wide Internet

In today’s mobile age, it’s robust to imagine a world while not the web. However, the internet may be a relative newcomer compared to email. Ray Tomlinson sent the 1st email message to himself in 1971 — years before the internet came about. Tomlinson claims that his initial check emails were entirely forgettable. We can see the technical domain has been evolving every day, and many people hire web development services to create an online presence for their business. Education has also seen a digital revolution, and e-learning has become the future of the education field.

4. The Bulk Of Internet Content Exists On The Deep Internet

The common internet user will hope to scratch the surface of obtainable content. Whereas an outstanding Dutchman of science believes that search engines presently index 4.5 million websites, the web extends way on the far side of this simply searchable content. Some researchers believe that it's a minimum of four hundred times larger than the surface internet. However, there still are questions about the website design, existence, and performance of those websites.

5. 3D Printing Is Nothing New

The 3D technology for printing has been in the focus for decades, but it's begun to draw attention within the past few years. The construct ignition appeared throughout the 1980s, once it was cited as speedy Prototyping. Charles Hull, with success, secured a patent for the stereolithography equipment in 1986, yet the primary commercially on the market 3D printer wasn't offered purchasable till 2009.

 6. The Overwhelming Majority Of The World’s Currency Is Digital

It’s no secret that digital currency plays an enormous role within the trendy economy. A mere 8% of worldwide currency consists of physical cash. The remainder is held electronically.

The approach we have to move with money is simply commencing to change, however. With the increase of bitcoin and blockchain, consultants believe that our entire approach to industrial transactions can evolve sooner. Many businesses are also shifting to online platforms and drafting their website designs to attract more customers since people look for online transactions over traditional to skin physical currency exchange. 


Everyone has become tech-savvy today since we need mobile devices when we wake up in the morning. This technology has many secrets in its history pages, and you shall visit those to know more about it. The Internet and web pages are common factors we use every day. However, if you want to create your website, Auxesis Infotech is a well-known web development company to fulfill your requirements. It has expertise in web design services to provide excellent solutions to its clientele.