durable tarpaulin is usually made of waterproof and sturdy material and is the perfect covering to withstand severe weather conditions, dirt and debris. It has a variety of uses, and the tarpaulin can be used as:

A shelter against natural conditions such as strong wind, rain and/or sunlight

Mats or tents when camping

Waterproof covers for sports fields (such as cricket) or objects and objects (such as vehicles)

Banners and other advertising printed materials

The protection of scaffolding is almost as big and strong as you think.

A good boat cover.

Common tarpaulins are classified by material

There are basically five materials commonly used to make tarpaulins: polyethylene, canvas, vinyl, silicone nylon, and mesh.

Polyethylene tarpaulin or polyethylene tarpaulin is not a real fabric, but a laminated woven sheet. This material is actually a polyethylene plastic woven tape bonded to the surface of the polyethylene sheet. If you want tarpaulin, please choose polyethylene tarpaulin:

Stretch resistance

water proof

UV treated

Durable, even when exposed to severe weather conditions

But please note that not all polyester tarpaulins have been treated with UV rays. Over time, they will become brittle, especially when exposed to water and direct sunlight.

Polyester-reinforced PVC waterproof cloth is made of tightly woven polyester fabric, which is very strong, and then dipped in pvc. 100% waterproof, super strength, more scratch resistant than polyethylene tarpaulin, and soft treatment for many years. This is the same material used on the curtain side truck.

The mesh tarp is made by threading nylon to allow wind and water to flow freely. If you only need a tarp to reduce wind current, then a mesh tarp is a good choice.

Common types of tarpaulins classified by purpose:

Fence tarps are commonly found on construction sites

Flame retardant tarpaulin is treated tarpaulin that can be fireproof or at least slow down its speed

Insulating tarpaulins are made to withstand extreme temperatures

The swimming pool tarpaulin is a completely waterproof swimming pool cover that prevents leaves and other debris from entering the pool

Sports tarps are oversized tarps used to cover sports fields to prevent harsh environmental factors

The trunk tarp is a heavy-duty waterproof tarp used as a cover for a flatbed trailer

The anti-ultraviolet tarpaulin is treated with ultraviolet rays to resist the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun

In addition, please note that the cut size and finish size, strength, thickness and color of the tarpaulin vary. Contact us wholesale tarpaulin, we will help you choose the right tarpaulin to meet your needs.