How Cabinet Baseboard solves these problems

  One of the easiest ways to solve these problems is Cabinet Baseboard. This is a simple design change.

  It is just a small notch at the bottom of the cabinet, allowing you to get close to the countertop.

  The Cabinet Baseboard is usually about three and a half inches high and three inches deep.

  This may be a small change, but it can have a big impact on the comfort of using the countertop.

  Some manufacturers do make the Cabinet Baseboard higher to provide you with some extra space. The disadvantage of this is that the height of your cabinets will drop.

  Cabinet Baseboards are not required for building codes, but you can now find them on almost all factory-made cabinets.

  They often even appear on custom cabinets made by cabinet manufacturers.

  If you don't have these Cabinet Baseboards, you will have to lean awkwardly to put things on the back of the counter or tap the bottom of the cabinet with your toes.

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