While many consumers don't realize it, packaging plays an incredibly important role in preserving and enabling some of their favorite product's properties. The function of a foam dispenser is a perfect example of this synergy between product and package, so be sure to get to know how a foam dispenser can help your consumer appeal.

  Foam Dispenser Facts

  Before getting into all the options you can explore with a Foaming Pump Head factory package, it is helpful to consider the basics and the background information. Here are four fast facts to help you get started.

  1. The Foam Dispenser Formula is Simple: In most cases, foam dispensing is simply the result of mixing liquid and air. It is enabled by the design of the pump on the container.

  2. Consumers Appreciate Foam's Composition: When using a foam dispenser, compared to other methods of dispensing, consumers notice that the foam is creamy, rich, and propellant-free. These attributes of texture, density, and composition play right to the consumer's senses.

  3. Foam Makes Life Easier: Consumers notice how the foam stays where it is applied, it is easy to spread around, and it rinses off completely.

  4. Packaging Experts are Innovating the Foam Dispenser Design: we pride ourselves on not just staying informed about innovation and market trends, but working closely with a global network of resources to influence innovation while positioning our customers to reap the rewards of it. With our work in the supply of foam dispensers, we are able to help customers choose from a variety of options, customize packaging when needed, and put together an optimally functioning dispensing pump that contributes to return on investment.

  Go From Foam to Function

  If you have a foam product, you need a dispenser that delivers high-quality foam and is convenient for your consumer to use. Talk to one of our foam dispenser packaging specialists today to learn more.

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