A Funko Pop Chase is a rarer variant of a pop that is normally prepared in a ratio of 1/6 or more, indicating that for each 6 of a pop manufactured, they will create one “chase version” of the identical pop. The chase figure will have a variation, but sometimes it is a slight variation, and on other occasions, it will not be.


Examples of the chase figures could be as manageable as the chase pop has sparkle implemented or is brushed metallic, but in most utmost cases, the chase has a separate sculpt technique for the identical character. Funko makes its collectors crazy in this way because if they produce a pop character and it has a chase, most fans or collectors will hope to have both versions. The chase can also be identified with a yellow “chase” sticker on the front of the box.


A chase Edition is a variation of a figure that is rarer on most pop releases they will do it in waves. Typically 6 different figures at a time. They often select one of these Funko Action Figures and do a “Chase” variation. This can be a lot of different things. A different shirt, a hat, something that might be a different color. For example, the Gollum chase has him holding a fish. The Hellboy chase had him with full-size horns, etc.


They come in cases of 6 figures and 1 out of every 6 is supposed to be a chase. Some people say that they are called chases because collectors chase after them. And many think store employees chase after them because, in 2 years of collecting, you will never see one on a shelf.


If you look online to find them, you will see many photos of stacks of chases that are taken in a stock room and it makes sense. The approximated value of mos chase figures is around $24 - $26 right at release. But store costs are still normal retail. Many people on Letgo trading big lots of them and rare exclusives twice they have executed buying. The blind boxes and blind bag mini-figures are slightly resistant to this.


Although, people figuring out the weights of each figure in a set and trying to collect the valuable ones without opening them. The rarity that is supposed to qualify those as a chase is 1/32 but some of the Vinyl Figure organizations perform their chases indeed rarer. Dunnys by Kidrobot are not only designed by popular artists, but they also are really creative and have multiple chases and some are as rare as 1/100.


In my experience, if you want the chases, you should find them from an online seller. One you use is Big Apple Collectibles. They sell them for $26. Entertainment earth sells the chance at a chase when you buy the Figure. Gamestop is supposed to be a good way to get them if you preorder. The first to preorder any pop is first in line when they come in. And they let you look way in advance to see what’s being released. But they don’t usually get six of any Figure.

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