This is CanTech's senior expert David Hayes, reporting on the status and potential of my country's can industry. At present, many canning companies in my country still use their own empty cans, which is unreasonable in terms of resource allocation. With the passage of time, many canners no longer prepare empty cans, so the development of food cans will have great market potential. The advancement of can making technology by professional can making machine enterprises is crucial to the development of the canning industry, and often plays a decisive role in the quality and taste of canned food. Although the reported data may be somewhat inaccurate. For example, the production of self-provided empty cans of various canning companies may not be included in the statistics; there may be errors in the reports on the production volume and production capacity of some companies, but the translator believes that the article has certain reference value. This article analyzes beverage cans, beer cans, food cans and miscellaneous cans. The following translators introduce the beverage cans and food cans of this article to everyone for reference.

Mr. David Hayes reported that China's sustained and rapid economic growth has promoted the growth of demand for canned food in some major cities in the southeastern provinces. Although the annual growth rate of canned food consumption is still lower than the economic growth rate, canners optimistically predict that the metal can packaging industry will continue to develop until the 2008 Olympic Games.

According to the China Metal Packaging Association, China annually produces about 17.5 billion empty cans, of which 60% are three-piece cans and 40% are two-piece cans. In the past few years, the growth of three-piece cans has exceeded that of two-piece cans, because the cost of aluminum restricts the two-piece cans.

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