When it comes to enrolling your child in a good school, all you want is a place where he gets the best quality education. All parents look for a dedicated team of educators who works with students and teachers to recognize and include students with special educational needs and gifted students in the mainstream educational environment. The UK curriculum schools in Dubai ensure that students are adequately challenged and get the most out of their learning experience by making adequate provisions in the curriculum and other aspects of their learning experience.

Learning qualities of students is met

The learning potentials of students are efficiently established, and the teaching-learning process is driven accordingly. The school avoids marking students based on their abilities and uses universal design techniques for students, such as whole-class distinction. This also allows us to be at the cheap British schools in Dubai.

The school makes every effort to eliminate obstacles that hinder students' learning experiences and successfully incorporates them into the everyday learning environment. The policies and structures in place at the school align with the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework, which was established in 2017.

A complete focus of every milestone

The Apple International School, UK curriculum schools in Dubai, has three stages of life, making us one of the best British schools in Dubai: Foundation Level, Primary School, and Middle School. Students are encouraged to explore the vast array of educational opportunities available to them to succeed within reasonable standards.