Early start

British schools start their education just after turning four. While it takes a test and some other clearance to start an American child. Psychology believes that starting school at an early age has a lot of benefits


During the initial years, the British schools focused more on learning. The level of learning they provide is quite high. Although the American schools go slow along with vacation. So most of the students tend to forget during vacation. While when it comes to British schools the students have a deep knowledge of every topic.



British curriculum focus on learning they teach all the subjects such as maths and science simultaneously. Although American schools teach these subjects one after the other. Moreover in British schools, students can choose a subject after 9 grade. While in an American school in grade 9 the student would be studying any 1 specific subject for the whole year.

Extracurricular activities

British schools generally focus on being interactive and creative. Moreover, along with the learning process they focus on developing a friendly environment by adding extracurricular activities.

British school kids start their education early and apply to the programmers after school. Secondly, by just adding extracurricular activities they see their school as a fun, not as a burden. It promotes the engagement and self-development of the child.


Here are some more reasons why you should opt for brutish curriculum schools in Dubai

Global appeal

British schools in Dubai accounts for nearly 40% of the total share. That means most of the schools in Dubai follow the British curriculum.

General acceptance

Almost every university accept the British curriculum. Moreover, if you are opting for the British curriculum you can apply to more universities for your further education

Teaching method

British schools design their curriculum according to the interest of the child. While deciding their curriculum they have given the utmost importance to creativity. Secondly, they focus on problem-solving. Along with studies, they give equal importance to group activity.

Future learning

It is very important to go for future learning along with present development. British schools give the main focus to the future learning process by using the latest technology for the modern development of your child. Moreover, they update their curriculum now and then just to keep up with the latest trends.

Fee structure

Every time you think about providing the best education to your child you get stuck somewhere. Moreover, you start thinking that you have to spend a huge lot of money. Although this is not true. There are so many British schools in Dubai with less fee, less fee doesn't mean that you have to compromise with the quality. There are so many schools in Dubai that provide the best education with less fees.