On the afternoon of Jan. 8, Abby took a break from administrative duties at the company and returned to her Reborn Doll Shop on Beijing's Financial Street.Nine dolls of different sizes surrounded her.They have the height and weight of a human baby, their skin is pale and reddish with faint blue blood vessels, and their hair is fine and soft with little hairs around the hairline.Some grinned, others slept with their eyes closed, their flesh creased in folds at the joints.

"You look closely, there are spots on the legs, this is a special baby, called baby spots."Said Abby, she picks up one of the dolls and points to its legs.It's called Luxe, and at 18 inches, it's about the size of a premature baby, and it's just been featured in a CCTV documentary, where it's used as a baby.

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