Advantages of Submersible Sewage Pump:

  Self-priming: Since these pumps are completely submerged in water, no filling is required. It also avoids the occurrence of bubbles in the pump set and damage to the pump lining.

  Improve efficiency: Since these pumps are submerged in the water source, there is no need to spend a lot of electricity to extract water from the source. The pressure of the water moves the water in the pump.

  Installation location: Since the pump is located underground, it is most suitable for gardening and landscaping.

  Easy to install: No new foundation is required for installation.

  Efficient cooling: Since the pump is immersed in water, it also helps to cool the motor.

  This type of Submersible Sewage Pump does not require a foot valve.

  These Submersible Sewage Pumps are available in single-phase and three-phase models, depending on the rating of the motor. Particular care should be taken when installing the pump in the water tank, because if it is not completely surrounded by water, it may cause the motor windings to overheat, thereby shortening the life of the product. The Submersible Sewage Pump should also be placed on the bottom of the reservoir so that there is no vibration in the pump and it works normally.

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