Reborns have options. Pick from hand-rooted mohair or human hair (for a premium), bluish veins, wrinkled fingers, and a speckled rosy newborn rash. The dolls can be toddler-sized--like Isabella, who can grasp your fingers with her wee hand--or teeny tiny like Sky, a premature baby with faint jaundice. Some dolls come pre-scented or with a bottle of baby perfume for that newborn smell. Reborns either arrive with a name or are named later upon “adoption.” But they’re always named.

And Reborners themselves? Just like their dolls, they come in a diverse array. “I know one mother who bought her doll its own plane seat for a vacation to Mexico,” Kunz said. Some collectors purchase Reborns for therapeutic purposes, for example to hold after losing a child or to help cope with psychological issues. Others are more interested in the sport of collecting. And a handful just don’t feel...a spark. Kunz has seen posts on eBay or Facebook from women trying to sell their doll, saying “they aren’t getting along with their babies." But mostly, people buy Reborns because they make them feel good.

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