Vickers Vane Pump   Description: Rotary vane pump is a common vacuum pump that can reach pressures well below 6 聢聢 6 bar. These vacuum pumps are used in many applications, such as brake boosters to provide brake assistance in large trucks and diesel-powered passenger cars (whose engines do not generate intake vacuum), and are used to drive gyroscope flights in most light aircraft. Instrumentation for venting refrigerant lines to install air conditioners, laboratory freeze dryers and physical vacuum experiments. In the vane pump, the pumped gas and oil are mixed in the pump so they must be separated externally. Therefore, both the inlet and the outlet have a large chamber, which may have a swirling mantle, and the oil droplets flow out of the gas. Sometimes, at the entrance there is a venetian blind that is cooled by indoor air (the pump is usually 40K hotter), pumping oil and water by condensation cracking and letting it fall back to the inlet. When these pumps are used in high vacuum systems where the flow of gas into the pump becomes very low, an important issue is the contamination of the entire system by molecular oil reflux.