Rotita Coupon Code level when I look at it in the viewfinder it doesn't look too hideous even though it's a little bit boxy and I mentioned before that the fabric doesn't feel particularly soft but I want to come in close so let's talk about the elephant in the room the fact that the top came with a huge snag right in the front is very disappointing but even if this weren't a problem just the overall quality of this sweater I feel like I would never wear this I realized that I can take a paper clip and push this back through to at least get rid of this random thread quality issues completely set aside this sweater just doesn't do anything for me in the first place so I'm definitely not going to be wearing this so you might be wondering what my overall impression of wishes just kidding I know you're not wondering I absolutely will not deal with this company again


Rotita Promo Codes talk about is from Sheen and I have two pieces from them because I needed to meet the minimum requirement to get free shipping and your girl does not pay for shipping because that just makes the item cost more right so in this instance I made the exception and bought two pieces I am going to bring this in closer to show you they did include a packing slip the pieces came in plastic bags as I would expect these plastic bags have zipper tops this top that I'm showing you right now was $14 this is the second top and you'll be able to see it easier when I take it out of the packaging but this one was nine dollars this is the first top from Xin and I thought the color combination was interesting with the yellow and the