Metal Jacketed Gaskets are proven sealing elements for equipment construction, however, at temperatures up to 550 °C, they are increasingly being replaced by metal/soft material gaskets, such as grooved gaskets.

  At temperatures above 500 °C, such as in the hot air zone, Metal Jacketed Gaskets can still withstand solid metal gaskets, such as welded ring gaskets.

  Metal Jacketed Gaskets usually consist of a metal sheet coating or some metal sheet layers with RivaTherm Super, graphite, or FA1) inserts. The metal plate coating should be as soft and flexible as possible, but in order to prevent corrosion, it is usually made of a stainless steel sheath made of 1.4541 or 1.4571 steel.

  The harder the sheath, the finer the flange roughness needs to be. The inlay is selected according to the unevenness of the flange to be covered. The better the quality and flatness of the sealing surface, the harder the inlay.

  There are many possible combinations; here are the extreme cases at both ends:

  Very soft: aluminum coating, graphite inlay

  Very hard: stainless steel coating, mica inlay

  The metal jacketed gasket for the heat exchanger has a baffle in the model shown.

  Metal Jacketed Gaskets can also be used as a frame with rounded corners.

  In flanges with tongue-and-groove or male and female face joints, a gasket with a jacket should be installed so that the tongue and/or the male face are close to the smooth surface of the gasket.

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