1. If you go out without iron padlock, it means you haven't locked the door. Except for a small number of anti-theft doors that lock automatically, most anti-theft doors are locked with only one locking point after they are closed conveniently. At this point, it can be as simple as a piece of plastic to open the door lock. Therefore, be sure to use the key to lock the door when you go out.
    2. The anti-lock button must be used during night rest. Most anti-theft doors will have anti-locking devices. The door lock cannot be opened even if there is a key outside after the reverse lock. People were stolen indoors while sleeping at night, and most of them did not use the anti-lock button.
    3. The key inserted in the keyhole must be removed in time. If a key is inserted into the keyhole of the anti-theft door, people cannot open the anti-theft door with the key outdoors. In this case, destructive means must be used to unlock the door.
    4. Do not use A-level lock cylinders, especially door locks. The A-level lock cylinder can be opened by a special tool in 3-5 seconds. A large number of cases have proved that almost all the targets of technical unlocking and burglary are Class A locks. It is recommended that all owners who are still using class A locks should replace them with super B or C class lock cylinders as soon as possible.
    5. It is best to install a door mirror protector. The door mirror of the anti-theft door not only provides convenience for the host, but also brings some security risks. Unlocking and entering the room through the door mirror is one of the common methods used by thieves. Door mirror protectors are also anti-theft products that have appeared in recent years. Regular lock service providers can provide this service.
    6. The safe must use the password function. Many people feel that using a password to open the safe is very troublesome, and even tape the password disk. You know, the anti-theft function of a password is several times stronger than that of a lock. This is the reason why thieves often fail in front of a combination lock.
    7. Add a chain lock to lock the bicycle to the fixed object. Especially for new and used electric bicycles and bicycles, when parking, it is best to find a fixed position and use a chain lock to fix the car, so as not to leave a place for thieves who use a van to steal. machine.
    8. After using the remote control to lock the car, be sure to pull the door to confirm, especially for high-end cars. Cases have proved that thieves often track a certain car, wait for an opportunity to use a remote control jamming device to cause a false lock of the car, and then steal the car. The owner of the smart key can try to pull the door lock by the occupant, or press the key to lock the car again within a certain distance.
    9. Be sure to choose regular merchants to provide lock replacement services. The locks are mixed and even hard to distinguish between true and false. It seems that the same lock has several times the difference in purchase price. Especially small commodities are easy to fake. In the past, it was discovered that some parts of the long shackle padlock used hard plastic instead of copper. So don't try to be cheap. Use the services provided by regular companies as much as possible to ensure the safety of family property.