Tubular Motor Factory introduces what to pay attention to when buying electric curtains?

1. Electric roller blinds:
Neat atmosphere, practicality and beauty are the labels of roller shutters, but simplicity is not simple. See quality for details. The thickness of the upper and lower rods, the neatness of the cloth edges, and the smoothness of the head up and down are all criteria for measuring the quality of the roller blind. Please check these standards when choosing roller blinds. The thickness of the upper pole must be greater than 1mm, and the weight of the lower pole must be greater than 300g per meter. One side of the fabric is straight without burrs. Whether the head can be easily pulled and whether it is smooth. After checking the practicability, pay attention to the choice of color and whether it can match the decoration style.

2. Venetian blind electric curtain:
Precise dimming and a strong sense of modernity are the labels of blinds. Precisely control every minute of light, simple operation and affordable. In terms of quality, pay attention to the width, thickness and density of the blades. In terms of operating convenience, there are ordinary drawstring, single-line, and pull-ball. The width of the blade is determined according to actual needs, not as wide as possible. The thickness should be above 0.08mm. In the operating system, you need to choose single-wire or pull-bead type.

3. Electric curtains with hanging curtains:
Electric curtains with vertical curtains can also be accurately dimmed. Compared with venetian blinds, vertical curtains are more high-end. Material, blade width, control system, and track material are all points that need to be paid attention to when choosing vertical curtains. The curtains are mostly fabric, but also aluminum alloy and bamboo wood. The width of the blades is 5cm and 9cm.