According to the head type, blind rivet nuts are divided into large countersunk head blind rivet nuts, small countersunk head blind rivet nuts, flat head blind rivet nuts, round head blind rivet nuts, full hexagon blind rivet nuts, half-hexagon blind rivet nuts, and stainless steel blind holes For rivet nuts, there are also two types of knurled and non-knurled.

Blind-hole rivet nuts are easy to use, have no noise, and are beautiful in appearance, which is a good substitute for the traditional welding nut process. At the same time, the installation space is small, and the work can be completed in a small space, which is more convenient to use than the installation of welding nuts and pressure riveting nuts.

Blind rivet nuts are widely used in the manufacture of interior parts such as automobiles, ships, elevators, etc. The main function is the connection of the plates. The rivet nut can be decorated on a single thin plate, or two thin plates can be riveted together, which is both a rivet and a rivet nut.

It is also suitable for closed-shaped workpieces that can only be operated on one side. In addition, steel rivet nuts are screw sleeves with compact structure and convenient use for workpieces that need to be screwed and pasted with curved light metal materials. Beautiful in appearance and easy to use, it is a low-consumption and high-efficiency fastener product for sheet metal rivet nuts.

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