Did you know? Skin is the largest organ of the body. Not a second thought that we feel so motivated while doing skincare preps to make it look the best. There are endless products that we can topically apply to improve the skin’s appearance. Wait, food for thought- can it be put into our bodies to make skin look healthiest like never before.

While from ages its being told that “what we eat is what we become”. So let’s dig into the saying and learn the specifics of how the skin is affected by what we indulge in our diet:

1. Eating a healthy, balanced diet, with a sufficient amount of fruits and veggies, helps in providing the nutrients to the skin that is needed the most.

2. Hydration is the key, keep your body hydrated as it makes your skin super glowy and vibrant.

3. It’s never too early (or late) to start!

What do you mean by Healthy, Balanced Diet?

It is not only about relying on lean proteins, whole grains and low fat diary. You should indulge half of your plate with fruits and the remaining with vegetables. It is a key that contributes to several essential nutrients, like:

· Potassium

· Fiber

· Vitamin C

· Folic Acid

When it comes to your skin health, some of the nutrients play a major role like Vitamin C, E and niacin. A healthy diet pattern should also include unsaturated fat.

It’s notable, then, that in addition to being one of the few fruits containing unsaturated fats, one-third of a medium avocado provides the following amounts of the nutrients that are associated with overall skin health:

1. 4% — daily value of vitamin C. It promotes healing and aids in the health of skin, bones and connective tissue.

2. 6%- daily value of niacin and vitamin B that backs the digestive system, skin and nerve function.

3. 6%- daily value of vitamin E and antioxidants that protects against damage to the body’s cells and tissues.

Does staying hydrated has any connection with skin health?

Yes, it is! It will work in favor of your desire to get healthy and glowing skin. We all have noticed that not consuming enough fluid makes our skin dry. It is not that hydration can be achieved only from drinks but also from the super food as well! Some fruits contributes more in the way of hydration than anything else. How do avocados stack up? You may think that it is only a fatty fruit, but the reality is that it has more water content and goods fats in it.

Why start early for great skin?

We all feel the change in our skin texture and appearance as the age increases. If we don’t start early it will result in more textual differences like skin becoming thinner, less plump and smooth. In addition if you’ll start late then wrinkles, age spots and dryness may take a longer time to heal too. It is because aging skin repairs itself more slowly than younger skin and it can be also intensified by common medical conditions.

It becomes necessary to bring more vitamin C, E and niacin from the delicious avocados. Indulges it in your skin, hair and diet regime.