Do you like curly lace front wigs? How to make your curly lace wig look more beautiful? Hurry up and read today's content.

Introduction of Curly Lace Front Wigs.
Westkiss Hair Mall currently has many types of curly lace front wigs of human hair. According to the length of the curly lace front wigs, there are 8-30 inches, (40 inch bundles straight on West Kiss)and according to the density of the curly lace front wigs, there are 150%-250%. The standard size is 13*4 HD lace wig and 13*6 lace front wig. 
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How to Style Curly Lace Front Wigs Human Hair?
1. Take care of your hair in advance, make it as tightly as possible against the scalp, and wear a cap to fix it.
2. Put the cleaned and air-dried human hair on the head and adjust it to a suitable position.
3. Subtract the lace on the front end of the virgin hair to make it fit your hairline.
4. Spread a small amount of glue on the forehead and scalp, use a hairdryer to heat it briefly, press and firmly stick the curly lace wig to the scalp.
5. Use tweezers to pre-plucked and cut some of the forehead hair, and comb out some baby hair around the hairline, which will make the hairline look more real and natural. Use styling spray or hairspray together to make your hair look silkier.
6. Use curling irons or splints to make your curly wigs a style you like, which can be matched with your outfit of the day.
7. In the last step, comb the #27 hair color wig completely with a comb. You can apply some essential oils or hair cream on the curly lace wig to moisturize the hair and make the hair look shinier.

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