1. As long as the reusable pet padsare not broken, there is no need to change the equipment and make the production cut! First, avoid the use of two avoidance. In terms of ordinary days, the useful life of spring mattresses is the same, usually 10 years. In other words, the mattress that has been used for ten years has undergone constant pressure due to the tension spring, causing its elasticity to undergo certain changes, causing a gap in the fit between the body and the bed at this moment, and the human spine cannot be obtained. The most useful support is in a tortuous situation. Therefore, even if there is no partially destroyed environment, a new mattress should be replaced in real time.
  2. The more tension springs of the mattresses of Adult underpads suppliers, the better the quality of the mattress. 2 And the mail washes when the product is cleaned: there are many factors that determine the interests of the mattress, and the number of tension springs can only be explained. One result is the stronger the endurance of the tension spring. And when you buy a mattress, you must stop it according to your own needs.