VOD (Video on Demand) is the present and future of the broadcasting industry. A report by Conviva suggests that video on demand is viewing up 155% year-by-year with an average of 17.1 minutes spent per session. 

A recent survey by Hubspot revealed that people prefer video overall & other forms of content including infographics, blog posts, and emails. 

What Is Video On Demand?

Video on Demand is an interactive system of accessing content. VOD allows viewers to watch a video from a content library instantly on their TV, personal computer, mobile phone, or any other device. 

The VOD solution service is offered by the means of a cable, telephone provider, or broadband and provides viewers with the option to pause, play, rewind, or fast forward the video as per their wish.

How VOD Works?

To deliver a video on demand, the video is first converted into a digital format and stored on a video server. It is then compressed and transmitted to the viewer via broadband or cable. 

After reaching its destination, the video is decoded and decompressed via a set-top box and stored on a video server in the viewer’s device. The viewer can then watch the video instantly with the ability to control its speed and other (play, stop) features.

Different Types Of VOD Models To Choose 

The success of a VOD business depends on the content strategy and monetization model chosen. 

With the right revenue generation method, one can achieve their monetary goals along with building and popularizing their brand. 

Here are the top three video monetization model to earn revenue from your offerings:

1. TVOD Or Transactional VOD

2. SVOD Or Subscription VOD

3. AVOD Or Advertising VOD

Why Your Business Should Use VOD

The modern busy lifestyle calls for a system that is equally flexible to suit the viewers’ needs. Video on demand services provides enhanced accessibility to audiences and enough time for creators to perfect their videos for release. 

Take a look at some of the main reasons why businesses should use VOD for their growth.

How To Get Started With VOD Service?

Start Your VOD Journey With CONTUS VPlayed

Now that you know how important online video portals are for your business, you may want to find a suitable hosting service for your content. VPlayed is an excellent option for next-generation video streaming. 

VPlayed offers the latest features that set it apart from other VOD streaming support. It is a white-label platform that comes with 100% customization to establish your own brand. 

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