For World of Warcraft players, the cash store in World of Warcraft is controversial. There are some very cool mounts at very high prices, averaging about $25, and there are also some overpriced account services. Do you want to Buy WOW Classic Gold join your friends on other servers? So on top of the basic price of the game and its monthly subscription, you need to spend another $25. But the current situation is that people will not stop making fun of its latest product, the latest product is a colorful fairy costume with colorful wings.

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This colorful fairy tale costume called Sprite Darter's Wings has an eight-piece suit and is priced at $20, but if the player has purchased a six-month subscription or currently has one subscription, it can be obtained for free. This is the WOW Classic Gold first time Blizzard has sold armor in a cash store, but I'm not sure whether the clothing itself or the fact that you have to spend money to get it, which one is hated by players, maybe both, maybe mostly because of the need to spend money.

Since its release yesterday, the number of votes for the Sprite Darter's Wings trailer on YouTube has dropped by 17,000 times, which is far more than the number of votes it has, but I have also been laughing at all the comments that mocked it on the WoW subreddit .

Naturally, players will feel a little bored that Blizzard is just selling clothing instead of investing it in the game. Some of the most popular comments I have seen are aimed at Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, whose annual salary is as high as $30 million.

Although players have become accustomed to many cash shop mounts that look more beautiful, some people have pointed out that most conventional armors do not have special openings for ears or horn-shaped characters, which is frustrating, and this accounts for almost half of World of Warcraft Race, but Sprite Darter's Wings does.

Many of the top posts on the World of Warcraft subreddit are mocking costumes, and of course not everyone hates it. I saw a lot of comments in the press releases on the World of Warcraft website and in the forums of people dressed up as magic fairies. However, it is very interesting how this harmless thing caused a sensation in the community.

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