The good news for those developers is that they have a solid foundation, they simply have to put a good deal of work into Animal Crossing Items making it deeper.

Shoutout to them entirely destroying events. You know how previously there would be a event NPC and you would do small quests to them and get things in return?

Well hey those things still exist, just now they're unlocked from randomly spawning balloons. Every event, it's just more fucking balloons. I have not bothered to take down one damn balloon after Easter since the machine is fucked beyond all reason.

I know somebody's gonna make the joke about the horrifying bunny in NH technically being an event NPC, and that is the kicker--you are totally tricked into thinking he is and that the event will be similar to past AC games, only for the match to kick you into the dick and tell you to search balloons for 2 weeks.

Yeah, the balloon events suck, but I truly dislike what they did with the Fishing Tourney and Bug-Off. On paper, catching lots of bugs and fish to find the gold decoration makes sense, but that I don't have enough time to dedicate to get 300 in the middle of the day. Especially in a game that's designed to be played just a bit each day. And of course it is such a grind it takes away from your pleasure.

They claimed Summer was an event (that had balloon furniture) and today we are in Autumn which additionally has balloon furniture, and now I am probably forgetting more balloon furniture I've completely disregarded.

I guess I did not think of cheap Animal Crossing Bells them as events. That's just become the subject of the recipes in the balloons: Spring had bamboo-themed recipes.