The popularity of residential container houses gradually made it into the horizon of people, and everyone gradually accepted this kind of house. However, some people are still not at ease. Compared with traditional houses, in the face of the now changing weather, can people in container houses withstand them?

The hot and cold temperatures in each season are different, but everyone expects that their living environment is thermally insulated. As a city builder and migrant worker friend, the expectation is deep as a builder of containers for residents. I have a deep understanding of the issue of the insulation of the residential container used as a designated building on the construction site. Let me talk about it in detail.

Commonly used in residential containers are polystyrene foam steel plates, fireproof rock wool color steel plates, glass wool sandwich panels, and polyurethane sandwich color steel plates. The above 4 kinds of materials are thermal insulation materials. For example, the thermal insulation materials in the domestic freezer are polyurethane thermal insulation boards. The thermal insulation performance can be said to be quite good. Among the currently known thermal insulation materials, such as 50mm thick thermal insulation panels The thermal performance is equal to that of a traditional brick house with a thickness of 240mm.

The rock wool sandwich panel selected for the PTH residential container also has the characteristics of fire and dust prevention. It is currently an optional high-quality material for most construction sites in my country. In the future, the residential container will be built with thermal insulation rock panels, and the final result will have a beautiful appearance. , Clean and beautiful, thermal insulation, such a good house will make city builders live comfortably and leisurely.

The good thermal insulation characteristics of the PTH container is that it definitely does not have any moisture. I think that such a good house will let more people share with it through our efforts, and let more mobile house products go internationally. Enter thousands of households, so that more people on the earth can feel its beauty and goodness.

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