Arumand Steel Industries (one of Water ATM Manufacturers in India) is one such social enterprise in India that aims at providing safe drinking water through water vending machines known as E Rickshaw Water Vending Machine. Efforts are carried on to install the water ATM in various parts of India where pure drinking water is not easily available.

Our E-Rickshaw Water Vending Machine Suppliers is also available with RO System. E-Rickshaw Water Vending Machine Manufacturers ATM dispensing of the water is done by coin accepter.

With the goal of providing pure drinking water for good health impact, we manufacture this E-Rickshaw Water ATM Machine with a storage capacity of 300-400 liters. This machine is designed with respect to the environmental factors as it runs on batteries instead of the power source. The water tank installed over the moving rickshaw is quality checked several times to ensure proper hygiene and safety. This E-Rickshaw Water Vending Machine Manufacturers works efficiently and the water is easily dispensed from this machine by inserting coin to get the purified water at the cheapest rate.