Ergonomic Gaming Desk Wholesale Factory introduces what do you need to pay attention to in the layout of desks and screens?

Many people have different understandings of high partitions or glass partitions in office space. In fact, among office furniture, high partitions are partitions on the top of the desk, just like a room with high furniture to partition a room, glass partitions are used Glass windows are used to partition the office space. Regardless of the type of partition, the layout of the desk and the screen work station needs to be paid attention to. There are different places to pay attention to.

The placement of desks and screen work positions will also be related to my country’s feng shui issues. After all, my country has a custom of looking at feng shui placement. For information related to desks and screen work positions, we can compare the actual layout The layout of the location is analyzed with multi-dimensional flexibility. What do desks and screen work stations need to pay attention to in the actual office space? In the actual development and application of screen work stations, we need to carefully investigate and analyze the current office furniture application market.

The area occupied by the wind work station will directly affect the size of the desk and the way it is placed. In short, the analysis of the actual use of the desk will affect the actual placement of the screen work station. With the layout of screens with different functions, we may also be able to deeply feel that the layout of modern office furniture positions actually incorporates a variety of furniture cultures. Many cultural factors have been integrated into the design and layout of the screen work position.

Compared with the traditional desk, the screen desk actually has an extra desktop screen. Don’t underestimate this screen. In fact, its function is quite large. This screen can just cut off a certain line of sight for our employees. Let our employees not be affected by each other while working, especially some work privacy. If there is no such a screen as a partition, then what the opposite employee is doing will be seen by other employees, which will greatly affect them. Work mentality.

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