We are manufacturers and traders of Dairy Machinery in India. Our machineries are widely used in the Dairy Industry. For the last 2 decades, we have acquired a market reputation of supplying quality dairy equipment and cream pasteurizers. In addition to dairy equipment, we supply Plate Heat Exchangers, milk storage tanks, milk processing plants, cup filling & sealing machines, bulk milk coolers, butter and ghee churners, mini dairy plants etc.

http://arumandsteelindustries.com - Arumand Steel Industries is leading brand of Dairy Machinery, Dairy Plant Machinery manufacturers, small dairy equipment suppliers in Delhi, India with ability vertical and horizontal outfit. Equipment used in the production and processing of milk and milk products, including milking machines, cream separators, coolers, pasteurizers, homogenizers, butter-making equipment, evaporators and dryers, and related items of Dairy Machinery Plant Manufacturers. The equipment must be easy to clean and designed to prevent contamination of the milk or milk products from dirt, oil, soluble metals, insects, and other foreign materials.

Most of the Small Dairy Plant we buy and sell is on request. This equipment doesn't get listed on this website because it goes straight to the client. We will search all over world to find what you are looking for. In a lot of cases we buy directly from world farms and creameries.