Solar DC Freezer is divided into many types. Common refrigerators refer to mechanical equipment that uses compressors to change the pressure of refrigerant gas to achieve low-temperature refrigeration. The compressor used is different from the general air compressor due to its different operating conditions and compressed working medium. According to the difference in the structure and working principle of the refrigerator, it is similar to the air compressor, and it can also be divided into several different forms such as piston type, screw type, and centrifugal type. The refrigerator is one of the most important components of compression refrigeration equipment. Refrigerators are composed of five parts: compressor, condenser, evaporator, filter drier, and expansion throttle valve in series, in which an appropriate amount of refrigerant is injected, and the electrical appliance controls the operation of the compressor according to the needs of the environment to achieve cooling and heat transfer. the goal of.

There are two types of refrigerators: water-cooled and air-cooled. The water-cooled refrigeration effect is better, but it needs cooling water. The air-cooled type is flexible and convenient and does not require cooling water. It is suitable for water-deficient areas or occasions that need to be moved. The working medium of the refrigerator is the refrigerant that is responsible for transferring heat in the refrigeration system. Commonly used refrigerants are Freon, ammonia, lithium bromide, methyl chloride, etc., among which Freon varies according to its vaporization temperature and chemical molecular formula. fluorine. The above refrigerants can be used for low pressure (condensing pressure less than 0.3-0.3MPa), high temperature (evaporating temperature greater than 0°C), medium pressure (condensing pressure 1-2MPa), medium temperature (evaporating temperature 0-50°C), and high pressure (condensing pressure) (More than 2MPa) low temperature (evaporation temperature less than -50 ℃) in the refrigeration system.