iron padlock is a product that many families will use. It has excellent protection. There are various types of locks in life, which can be used according to the different needs of customers, such as the lock on the drawer, the lock on the car, etc. They are all one of the locks. Although everyone knows these locks, how much do you know about the purchase and protection of padlocks?


   1. First of all, it is necessary to identify whether the product has the factory name, address, trademark, and whether there is an inspection qualification statement recently issued by a professional quality inspection organization.

  2. The material should be moderate when purchasing, and the hand should be firm and reliable. Don't choose various locks made of low-cost, high-quality and inferior materials.

  3. The appearance of the lock should be clear, not rough in appearance, and comfortable. The lock is sensitive to rotation when it is open, and the locking device should be effective. It should not feel invalid when it is in the hand. The security function should be good.

  4. The equipment of the lock is also a key point: the equipment must be strictly carried out in accordance with the product manual, and the center distance of the equipment, the scope of application and the opening method of the lock must be recognized. Special attention must be paid to prevent the equipment from being corroded by harmful substances on the wooden door with high humidity.

  5. Always keep the lock body clean to prevent foreign matter from entering the pin groove of the lock cylinder, causing it to be rolled when it is opened, and even the lock cannot be opened.

Here are some things for you about the purchase and protection of long shackle padlock! Do you know something? After all, locks can be said to be ubiquitous in life. If you are concerned about this kind of What are the needs of the product, or if you need to order lock products such as square leaf locks, diamond case locks, etc., you can call directly.